Welcome to McCarrol Golf

The 2022 golf season is just around the corner and I’m certain you are eagerly anticipating opening day!!

This year is a milestone for me, my 50th year as a member of the PGA of Canada! I’m very proud of that accomplishment, however, I have no plans to retire or even slow down for that matter!

I’m so fortunate and proud to be associated with Beacon Hall, arguably, one of the best golf facilities in the country as The Director of Instruction for the Performance Academy, now in its 4th year.

I’m also looking forward to working alongside Head Professional, Dustin Kerr Taylor and his team again this season and be a part of a collective effort to provide excellence across all aspects of golf operations daily throughout the season.

My online booking system will go live on April 1, 2022, however, if you would like to protect lesson time prior, please contact me directly via e mail bruce@mccarrolgolf.com or 416.616.3606. Please note that there will be a small increase in my fee schedule for 2022.

I will be back in late March to refresh this welcome and add a few updates to the site, in the meantime, my very best wishes for 2022!

Warmest regards,

Bruce McCarrol

My Philosophy on Teaching & Learning

  • Every student must be assessed on an individual basis and be taught with an approach that takes into consideration age, gender, body type, physical and athletic ability, learning style and most importantly personal goals and lifestyle.
  • Regardless of skill level, it’s imperative that each student accept and understand the fact that “game improvement” is a “process” and the “process” must be logical in sequence and not shortcut. An approach that is haphazard or made up of “band aids” with no regard for science will only result in faulty mechanics and thus frustration and poor results. It is also imperative for the student to understand that improvement is based upon change and change is uncomfortable at the beginning, however, without change there is not going to be improvement.
  • The “game improvement equation” has many components, including, swing mechanics, the matrix and fit of one’s golf equipment, biomechanical function, golf specific fitness, mental makeup, nutrition, motivation, and desire, each of which, must be evaluated to achieve long term success.
  • Students will only excel if they are given a personalized strategy or plan that clearly indicates how to close the gap between “where they are” and “where they have to be” to reach their goals.

My Teaching Methodology

I believe teaching methodology is broken into two components. “What” you teach and “How” you teach.

“What” I teach is based upon 4 core fundamentals or benchmarks found in the best ball strikers and players and they are as follows:

  1. Your grip position must be compatible with the shaft of the club leaning forward at impact and the clubface being square to the desired starting direction.
  2. The “geometry” of your posture must produce balance plus the correct relationship between the shaft of the club and your body at address. Your “set up” alignments must match the type, direction and shape of shot you are trying to hit.
  3. The shaft of the club must be on plane throughout the entire motion.
  4. The motion or the pattern must centered and in sequence.

These 4 core fundamentals are related and not mutually exclusive, one affects the other and there is a priority or sequence in which they should be learned and mastered. The further one gets from these benchmarks the less balanced or neutral the swing becomes, requiring offsets or compensations to produce solid contact and accurate ball flight. A repeatable dependable swing tends to be neutral and not require compensations, however, that doesn’t mean to say you cannot play or play very well having compensations. Quite the opposite in fact, it just means you need to know what compensation(s) are required to balance your golf swing so that it works. I would say that the higher the level you aspire to play or compete at the fewer offsets or compensations the better. This is precisely why world class players work so hard and spend so many hours drilling on the 4 core fundamentals I list above.

“How” I teach depends upon the following factors:

  1. Age and physical ability
  2. Gender
  3. Learning style
  4. Goals
  5. Lifestyle and time constraints

The “how” is really the “art” of teaching and dependent upon knowledge base and years of experience.

Instruction Fees 2022

45-minute lesson Alumni: $140 Book Now
Series of 5: 45-minute lesson Alumni: $675 Book Now
45-minute New Student: $150 Book Now
Series of 5: 45-minute New Student: $725 Book Now